About us

The company was started in 1989 by Håkan Karlsson. Rental of fishing lakes, barbecues etc were the main activities. The smithy itself is from 1864 and was renovated by 14th of June 1998.

Our main customers are companies, clubs and fishing enthusiasts. Our customers come from the whole of Sweden and also from other parts of Europe. We have also had guests from USA and Russia.

Our goal is of course that you as a customer will be a satisfied visitor to our company. We try to achieve this by holding a high quality of fish in the lakes and keeping our premises up to standards.


Enjoy the beautiful surroundings in the heart of the Swedish forest. Go fishing and also visit the multitude of artists and craftsmen in the area. We are situated in the Heart of the Kingdom of Crystal. At Trollagärde you can fish Rainbow Trout and also Crayfish from our special ponds. You can also fish during the winter season and we will of course provide you with bait etc.

Besides fishing we can also offer you the following activities:

Clay pigeon shooting 
We cooperate with a local hunting club and can offer you shooting on a professional shooting range. On these occasions skilled personnel are on hand from the club.

Activities together with accommodation in the forest

We can arrange a wide variety of activities in and around the forest. Relax and even dress-up as a real forest troll. Enjoy our delicious cuisine and barbecues. If you are lucky you may even see an elf playing the violin out on the lake. There is a traditional Lapland hut that you can spend the night in. You can enjoy a sauna by the lake that is fired by logs. Take a refreshing swim in the lake afterwards. Amenities as shower and toilets are at the spot.

Craftsmanship - handicrafts

In our smithy you will find beautifully shaped pieces as candleholders etc. If you are interested in learning some of the techniques why not join one of our courses?

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Music - entertainment

Rent a guitarist and a singer for your entertainment.

Hut from Lapland

Here you can spend the night or just take your beverages in and warm yourself. For larger groups we can arrange for a large tent. 

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Here you can see product shows, have smaller conferences and even eat your evening meal.


We are able to cater for larger parties etc.

High-quality fish and plant

Skeet shooting on proper shooting range

Troubadour music by the fire

Wood-fired sauna

Conference meetiing in the smithy