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Barbecue package

We can offer you a barbecue package with everything you need.

Price list 2019

Alternative 1. 
Beer/water, marinated pork (2 slices per person), potatoe gratin, spicy butter, salad, bread & butter, coffee/tea and  cake. 
Price 140 SEK per person

Alternative 2. 
Beer/water, fillet of chicken with thyme (1 and a half per person), potatoe slices, salad, dressing, bread & butter, coffee/tea and cake. 
Price 180 SEK per person

Alternative 3. 
Beer/water, smoked salmon, boiled potatoes, herb sauce, salad, bread & butter, coffee/tea and cake. 
Price 225 SEK per person

Alternative 4. 
Beer/water, pea soup or goulash soup bread, cheese, salad, coffee/tea and cake. 
Price 125 SEK per person

Alternative 5. 
Beer/water, Janssons temptation (potato pie with anchovy) meatballs, cocktail sausages, boiled potatoes ready or do it yourself (season) or dill boiled potatoes, Swedish "sill" onion herrings, eggs,  salad, bread & butter, coffee/tea and cake. 
Price 150 SEK per person

Alternative 6. 
Beer/water, marinated (hammered) filet of pork for barbecuing or already prepared with spicy butter / Barbecue sauce, potatoe gratin, salad, bread & butter, coffee/tea and cake. 
Price 180 SEK per person

Alternative 7. 
Beer/water, venison grill stick (depending on the season) thyme with carrot sticks fried in garlic butter. Potatoe gratin, garlic yoghurt sauce, salad bread and butter, coffee/tea and cake. 
Price 185 SEK per person

Big barbecue sausage in bread. 
An addition to Alternatives 1 - 7. 
20 SEK each.

reakfast packages. 
Baguette with cheese and ham, yoghurt, coffee/tea juice 
85 SEK per person


All prices include 12 % VAT.

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